SRD Spellbook

SRD Spellbook is a complete spell reference guide for your iPhone or iPod Touch.


Open Content

All of the spell content provided with SRD Spellbook is licensed under the Open Gaming License, version 1.0a, and may be freely downloaded from within the application. The latest version of the data files are also available for download here. These files are sqlite3 database files, and may be opened and used with the freely available sqlite database system. Please contact me if you would like to request the data in other formats.

Thank you very much to highmage for providing a sqlite version of the 3.5 SRD on Andargor's HQ, from which my database was derived. And thank you to d20 PF SRD for providing the PF SRD in CSV format. It was a bit more work to massage the data into a sqlite database, but it provided an excellent starting point.


First I would like to thank Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax for creating the tabletop role playing game genre, and for the sword and sorcery game we all love so much. I would also like to thank Johnathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, Rich Baker, Andy Collisons, David Noonan, Rich Redman, Bruce R. Cordell, John D. Rateliff, Thomas Reid, and James Wyatt for creating version 3.5 of that game, and for releasing so much content under the liberal Open Gaming License. This license has helped to create and maintain a thriving community of players and content creators. I would also like to thank Jason Bulmahn for building on the work of the 3.5 team and releasing and worthy successor. Special thanks to all my beta testers including Rob Starling, Jeremy Bergfeld, Laura Wood, John Welsh, Jason Barbour, Rena Wood, and Simon Seeber. Your diligent field testing and valuable comments really helped to whip the app into shape. Finally, I would like to thank Simon Seeber, Matt Price, and the rest of the folks at glyFX and PerthWeb Pty Ltd. They created a beautiful icon from my app which was exactly what I envisioned, but better!


For any support questions, please contact me at contact at srd dash spellbook dot com.
Scott Atwood
contact at srd dash spellbook dot com